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Customized design

Our specialized design team will assist your architect or interior designer, or you directly to develop the best options based on your needs. Be prepared to receive innovative ideas, nice solutions. Think the best design answers with our products or customized solutions.


Site survey

We have special tools and systems to perform an exact measurement and survey of site conditions. Prepare to be millimetric.


Shopdrawings (for shops or luxury brands)

Our technical team will develop the most complete and comprehensive drawings to interact between the customer, the project manager and the factory. A systematized and organized documentation set, clear and useful for all parties.

The most famous brands know it. D Dinámica is "the solution" for a coordinated shopdrawings process.

Individual customers also appreciate to receive a complete information showing all what will be produced and contracted. No doubts, no misunderstandings: exactitude, accuracy and organization. 


Technical coordination and consultancy

Our technicians are specialized and experienced to interact among customers, project managers, contractor and factories, following a coordinated system to reduce mistakes. Communication system and documentation without creating a bureaucratic system are the ways to do it.


Manufacture technical details

The best experienced professionals create technical details and solutions based on a wide knowledge of manufacture processes, characteristics of all the materials used in furniture production, assembly sequences, special joints, infrastructures and interaction with other components of the project. 


Production - Fabrication

All components are manufactured based on the ultimate technologies and the most skilled workers and artisans. We like challenges and innovation.



A broad experience on development of local and international logistics  helps to provide solutions for the best protection packaging and organization.


Installation on site and professional coordination

The best team to install interior furniture, fixtures and store fronts, with a long term experience to interact in different countries and cultures. Specialized tools and devices, accurate measurement systems and equipment ensures quality and precision. Professional coordination gives the structure for the best organization of works and interaction between suppliers.


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