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Yves Saint Laurent store - Village Mall - Barra da Tijuca - RJ - Brazil - OPENING

December, 2019

Design Dinámica has finished installation of the new YSL store in Rio de Janeiro, most specifically at Village Mall, the luxury shopping located in Barra da Tijuca. Metal structures, 3 different marbles panels, concrete panels with wood planks prints, mirrors, glasses, for all interiores, try-on and storefront. All what customers see at that store was proudly installed by Design Dinámica for this brand which minimalistic image is one of the most ellaborated images in the luxury brands market. Accuracy, precision, patience, commitment, team work. 


October, 2019

After 5 months of strong works, one of the most important projects was proudly finished in Antara Fashion Hall, at Polanco´s town in México City, with complete success. A wonderful experience of accuracy, precision, scale of work and interaction with dozens of companies, professionals and workers. We are proud to participate in such wonderful jobs.!

Hi Tech Store - Village Mall - Barra da Tijuca- RJ - Brazil (VISIT)

December, 2019

Walking through Village Mall Shopping, the luxury mall in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazi, we visited our first store installed for this brand in Latin America. It still looks amazing after almost 6 years from opening. Our first experience for such an huge company still looks perfect. Ceilings, wall structures and paneles 100% accurately installed with 0 tolerance.

TIFFANY VILLAGE MALL - Barra da Tijuca - RJ - Brazil - (VISIT)

December, 2019

In our visit to Village Mall Luxury Shopping, in Barra da Tijuca, Río de Janeiro, we rediscovered the beauty of this store installed at the end of 2012. Selling jewels means a perfect skilled specialization, and this brand shows it great capacity to its customers. Huge vitrines at display windows, very special loose furniture and wall fixtures dedicated to this special product. Proud to have participated on that project too.!


December, 2019

Exactly opposite to the location where we are installing all interiors and storefront for YSL, we have a beloved store installed by Design Dinámica in 2012. A big store, perfectly located on a strategic position at entrance level, still looks marvelous, moreover with display windows decoration changing all the time and new products offered by one of the most important brands in the world. WE LOVE HIGH QUALITY CHALLENGES.!!!!

Yves Saint Laurent, Multiplaza - Panama - OPENING

February/March 2019

Installation of a new luxury Store for Ives Saint Laurent, located in Multiplaza shopping in Panama City. High end minimalistic design with white and black marbles, extra clear glasses and mirror polished stainless steel. All interiors, store front and try-ons. Another place to show the accurate installation quality for this sophisticated and precise store design. Another success to be proudly showed to our customers.

Louis Vuitton, Patio Bullrich - Buenos Aires, Argentina

September/October, 2018

​Design Dinámica developed and installed the storefront and back of house furniture, and also installed the interior millwork for New Louis Vuitton Store located in Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Again, our company is present on the return of this brand to Argentina after several years.

Hi-Tech Store - renovation and video wall installation

September 2018

​Design Dinámica has renovated part of back wall and installed a large and sophisticated video wall unit at Morumbi Shopping, Sao Paulo, Brazil, for most recognized brand in Hi - Tech Technology. We are grateful to our work team, that showed again expertise and commitment for difficult chal lenges

Bulonfer - Office Building in Tandil, Argentina

May/June, 2018

Design Dinámica developed and assembled administration workstation systems, meeting rooms, storage units, managerial desks, call center , main front desk and special wall panellings at Bulonfer headquarters located in Tandil city (Buenos Aires province) . A big office building completely furnished by Design Dinámica with its exlusive furniture designs. 

MALBA Museum Store - Buenos Aires | Second phase

March/April, 2018

Second stage on many renovation works made for Malba Museum. New lighted ceiling, new storage and exhibition details, front desk new extra clear glasses, shelvings on information counters, new doors and partitions in main public restrooms, new stainless steel handrails and many other small details that collaborate to refine the nice atmosphere that characterizes these building.

MALBA Museum store - Buenos Aires

October, 2017

​Here, Design Dinámica proves again its capacity for making all the process, from first design to installation. From the original design by Herrero arquitectos (Spain) locally supported by Torrado arquitectos, Design Dinámica has developped all details, from general drawings to interact with architects and  customers to precise engineering details for production. Then, fabrication and logistics to build "steel framing" galvanized metal structure and produce all furniture from raw material to final assembly in workshop. Then, as usual, the secret for a perfect result: a perfect and tidy installation.

MALBA Museum has now a beautiful high end store to exhibit their books, gifts and art related merchandising.

Installation at LV Store, Av. Masaryk (México city)

March / April, 2017

Beautiful new store located at the finest and chic avenue in one of the best known town in México city.

Luxury brand, luxury furniture, perfect installation and technical assistance working together with high end factories. The result is this succesful new store. Another store to be proud of.

A New Store in México City

November, 2016

As previously in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro - Village Mall and Sao Paulo - Morumbí shopping) Design Dinámica has installed all walls´ and ceilings´s substructures, wall units and stone claddings, ceiling systems with infrastructures, entrance portal and storefront. Technical assistance and the best installation team for a high end store, first one in México. Design Dinámica is pleased to be part of the virtuous team that make these great stores, for a great brand.

The high tech  components and materials, and minimalistic design required high technology and precise methods for intallation: optical levelling, lasers and special tools plus a super speciallized installation team (technicians, installers, architects) with a long term experience on these kind of stores.

Magic Carpet workstation + Hache Table and Stijl desk show their presence in office spaces

July 2016 - December 2015

Design Dinámica has been contracted to develop the workspace of a prestigious Accountants Consultancy company.

Open workspaces, private offices and meeting rooms with multiple spaces allow Design Dinámica to show off many of its product´s line, specially the latest development: the NEW Magic Carpet system. This system is characterized by its formal synthesis , its great lightness and fine floating planes , referring to a real "flying magic carpet".

To see more about this product, go to section

ARQUIMADERA produces and sells Design Dinamica´s products.

June 2015

From December 2014, Design Dinamica´s products are part of the official catalog of the well-known Argentinian company Arquimadera, conducted by the architect and interior designer Mónica Kucher and her professional team, a premium company with a long term experience in furniture design, manufacture, sales and home´s solutions.   The strategic union between both companies will increase the local and external market possibilities. This way, the premium products and solutions of Design Dinámica will be part of Arquimadera office.  

To see available products, go to section                                  /                       

Also you can see all the news by Arquimadera visit the website:                                                

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